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At Out of the box, we understand the importance of getting the right people, the right equipment and the right location for your next film or commercial or video production. Our expert film producer have produced project that are small budget but also projects with massive budgets. We are local people with years of experience in the industry and you can trust us to guide your next project in the right direction. We are proud to say we think and operate Outside of the box

We are a One-Stop-Shop when it comes to film and photo equipment. We operate in Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives.

As people who work in film, we understand the importation of film rebate, location scouting and location research. We have relationship with the best location scouts and have access to gorgeous private properties, hotels and any facilities that you may require.

People Work in Film

Mauritius has it all

From an amazing 30-40% Film rebate and a landscape that has it all. Your next TV commercial, feature film or photo shoot should be in Mauriutius


We are Mauritian natives who travelled the world and have worked in various film markets. We know the islands of Mauritius, seychelles, Rodrigues and Maldives really well. You can trust us to perform the best research and deliver a 5* job

Film Service & Production

We offer support for feature films, commercials, documentaries, photo productions and motion pictures of all genres in Mauritius, the Maldives and the Seychelles. In Mauritius, we also work closely with the Economic Development Board to get the Film Rebate Scheme for our projects.
Production Services. We offer Budgeting & Scheduling, Permissions, Production Management, Casting, Production Coordination, Location Management,equipment such as Drones and Underwater Camera, Unit Gear, Catering, Logistics & Transportation

Film and photo Equipment Rentals

Please do contact us if you need any equipment. From power generators to teradek wireless video equipments, monitors and more. You will find in us the perfect producing partners.

TV Commercial Location Shoot
The global advertising industry is booming, and companies can now sell a wide selection of products to customers all over the world, thanks to rapid globalization, technological advancements and the web. This also means that a wide variety of locations are available for advertisers to shoot television adverts in as well. The idea of using...
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