5 Reasons Why You Need a Local Producer to Help You Film Abroad

If you plan on taking your next production international, there are a few things you need to consider before transporting your entire film crew and equipment to a foreign location. To avoid unnecessary costs, delays and miscommunications, you should work with a local film producer.

At Out of the Box, we help filmmakers from all over the world with this. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve established ourselves firmly in the industry, which is why we’re equipped to give you advice on working with local producers.

A Communication Bridge

A major concern in foreign shoots is the language barrier, which is why you need a local connection or to choose a country where English is spoken. For example, in Mauritius French and Mauritian Creole is widely spoken. While official processes are communicated in English, you’ll get things done faster by working with a local producer. They’ll interpret anything you don’t understand and have a good handle on industry practices.

The Out of the Box team is largely bilingual, so you’ll have an interpreter on hand when necessary. This will boost your productivity, because time that would otherwise have been spent trying to figure out what’s being said can be spent on getting work done.

Logistics Are Taken Care Of

Local producers are able to arrange transport, equipment and catering for location shoots. At Out of the Box we provide a comprehensive service to eliminate the headache of getting acquainted with Mauritius from scratch. We help clients navigate administrative factors such the Film Rebate Scheme and assist with film research by conducting location scouts.

Landscape and Location

A recce or location scout is made more productive with local help. A producer from the area you’re filming in will be more familiar with the landscape and suitable locations. This saves time and optimizes the quality of shots that will be taken.

Relationships and Rapport

It’s important to understand the people of the country you intend to film in. A local producer acts as a connection in this regard. This will help build a harmonious working relationship and create a pleasant environment overall.

Out of the Box is a local production house that guides filmmakers from all over the world on location shoots in Mauritius. If you’re thinking of shooting in our tropical paradise, contact us online today.

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