How to Go About a TV Commercial Location Shoot in Mauritius

The global advertising industry is booming, and companies can now sell a wide selection of products to customers all over the world, thanks to rapid globalization, technological advancements and the web. This also means that a wide variety of locations are available for advertisers to shoot television adverts in as well.

The idea of using an exotic island setting is appealing for selling a wide range of products, because the scenery sells itself. The island of Mauritius (off the east coast of Africa) is one such location. Out of the Box is a company focusing on facilitating filming in this area, so we’ve put together a guide on shooting a TV commercial here.

A Little Bit About Mauritius

Mauritius was formed in the aftermath of robust volcanic activity eons ago but was discovered by humans in the early 1500s. It boasts a culturally diverse population and while English as an official language, French and Mauritian Creole are widely spoken by residents because of the island’s colonial past.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a visual utopia. The island enjoys lots of sunshine throughout the year. The turquoise sea, white beaches, mountainous terrain and ample plant life give new meaning to natural beauty. There are lagoons and many other natural wonders that make for ideal locations for shoots.

It’s no surprise then that in 2018 film is one of the fastest growing industries in Mauritius. Many production companies have been travelling into Mauritius to shoot TV commercials for years now and the government supports the industry through the Film Rebate Scheme, which subsidises costs for TV commercials, films and productions filmed in Mauritius.

Remember These Things When Preparing to Shoot Your Commercial

  • Apply for all necessary permits and stay on the right side of the law. If you apply for the Film Rebate Scheme you can get a refund of 30%-40% on specific shoot costs, clearance and permits.
  • Partner up with a reliable local production house to cover all your bases. Local film experts will have a better understanding of the local industry, locations and acceptable practices. Logistics such as catering, transport and location research will be taken care of more efficiently.

The Out of the Box team is friendly, professional and experienced at facilitating TV commercial shoots through Mauritius. Give us a shout online today if you’re interested in shooting a commercial in Mauritius.

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